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  • This page lists a set of articles, presentations, general work, etc. that refers to the ATLAS Model Weaver project.

    The AMW Publications are available in the Publications page.

  • 2007

  • [AOSD07] Groher, I, and Voelter, M : XWeave: models and aspects in concert. In: 10th international workshop on Aspect-oriented modeling table of contents. ACM Press, pages 35-40. 2007.
  • [SAC07b] Avila-Garcia, O, Estévez Garcia, A, Sanchez Rebull, E, and Roda Garcia, J : Using Software Product Lines to Manage Model Families in Model-Driven Engineering. In: ACM SAC 2007- Model Transformation Track. ACM Press, pages 1006-1011. March 2007.
  • [SAC07a] Lamari, M : Towards an Automated Test Generation for the Verification of Model Transformations. In: ACM SAC 2007- Model Transformation Track. ACM Press, pages 998-1005. March 2007
  • [HICSS07] Wimmer, M, Strommer, M, Kargl, H, and Kramler, G : Towards Model Transformation Generation By-Example. In proc. of HICSS-40 Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Hawaii, USA. 2007. (link)
  • 2006

  • [MODELS06] Kappel, G, Kapsammer, E, Kargl, H, Kramler, G, Reiter, T, Retschitzegger, W, Schwinger, W, and Wimmer, M : Lifting metamodels to ontologies - a step to the semantic integration of modeling languages. In: ACM/IEEE 9th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS'06). 2006.
  • [IBMSJ] Helsen, S : Feature-based survey of model transformation approaches. Webpublished. 2006

  • [SWESE06] Roser, S, and Bauer, B : An Approach to Automatically Generated Model Transformations Using Ontology Engineering Space. In: 2nd International Workshop on Semantic Web Enabled Software Engineering (SWESE 2006). 2006.
  • [EDOC06] Stefanov, V, and List, B : Business Metadata for the Data Warehouse - Weaving Enterprise Goals and Multidimensional Models. In: International Workshop on Models for Enterprise Computing (IWMEC) at the 10th International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference (EDOC 2006). 2006.
  • [ECOOP06] Reiter, T, Retschitzegger, W, Schauerhuber, A, Schwinger, W, and Kapsammer, E : Enabling API-based Tool Integration through Aspect-Orientation. 2nd Workshop on Models and Aspects, (ECOOP'06), Nantes, France. 2006.
  • [MODELS06b] Altmanninger, K, Kappel, G, Kapsammer, E, Kargl, H, Kotsis, G, Kramler, G, Reiter, T, Retschitzegger, W, Schwinger, W, Seidl, M, Strommer, M, and Wimmer, M : From Models to Ontologies and Back Again: The ModelCVS Approach for Integrating Modeling Tools. In: ACM/IEEE 9th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS'06). 2006.
  • [MPM06] Reiter, T, Retschitzegger, W, and Altmanninger, K : Think Global, Act Local: Implementing Model Management with Domain-Specific Integration Languages. In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Multi-Paradigm Modeling: Concepts and Tools at the 9th International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering Languages and Systems Genova, Italy. 2006.
  • [DBIS06] Balandyte, M, and Nemuraite, L : Time, event and self-management aspects in model-driven development of information systems. In: 7th International Baltic Conference on Databases and Information Systems, pages 151—158. 2006.
  • [TR06] Diskin, Z : Model transformation via pull-backs: algebra vs. heuristics. Research Report School of Computing, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, (2006-521). 2006.
  • [SETRA06] Boronat, A, Carsi, J, and Ramos, I : Exogenous Model Merging by means of Model Management Operators. In: Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Software Evolution through Transformations: Embracing the Change. 2006.
  • [ICSOFT06] Nytun, JP : A generic model for connecting models in a multilevel modelling framework. In: First International Conference on Software and Data Technologies - ICSOFT 2006. 2006.
  • [ECBS06] Di Ruscio, D, Muccini, H, Pelliccione, P, and Pierantonio, A : Towards Weaving Software Architecture Models. MBD-MOMPES 2006 Workshop to be held at ECBS 2006, Potsdam, Germany. 2006. (link)
  • [SAC06] Cicchetti, A, Di Ruscio, D, and Pierantonio, A : Weaving Concerns in Model Based Development of Data Intensive Web Applications. ACM SAC (Symposium on Applied Computing) - Model Transformation Track :1256 - 1261. 2006 (link)
  • [AMMA06a] Schwarzer, R : ATLAS Model Management Architecture. Miscellaneous publication. 2006. (link)
  • [CITSA06] Kapsammer , E, Reiter , T, and Schwinger, W : Model-Based Tool Integration - State of the Art and Future Perspectives. In proc. of the 3rd International Conference on Cybernetics and Information Technologies, Systems and Applications (CITSA 2006), 20-23, Orlando, USA. 2006. (link)
  • [OCCELLO06] Occello, A : Capitalizing safety of applications being adapted dynamically: the Satin executable model. Phd thesis, Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis. 2006. (link)
  • [SMOLIK06] Smolik, PS : MAMBO Metamodeling Environment. Phd thesis, Brno University of Technology - Faculty of Information Technology. 2006. (link)
  • [VIENNA06] Wimmer, M, Schauerhuber, A, Kapsammer, E, and Kramler, G : From Document Type Definitions to Metamodels: The WebML Case Study. Vienna University of Technology. 2006. (link)
  • [GAMMA06b] Kappel, G, Kapsammer, E, Kramler, G, Reiter, T, Retschitzegger, W, and Schwinger, W : Towards a semantic infrastructure supporting model-based tool integration. In proc. of the 1st International Workshop on Global integrated Model Management (GaMMa2006), Shanghai. 2006. (link)
  • [CAISE06] Stefanov, V : Bridging the Gap between Data Warehouses and Organizations. In proc. of Workshops and Doctoral Consortium, 18th Conference on Advanced Information System Engineering (CAiSE'06), Namur University Press. 2006. (link)
  • [GAMMA06] Kolovos, DS, Paige, RF, and Polack, FA : Model Comparison: a Foundation for Model Composition and Model Transformation Testing. In Proc. First International Workshop on Global Integrated Model Management (G@MMA) :13-20. 2006. (link)
  • [ECMDA06] Kolovos, DS, Paige, RF, and Polack, FA : On-Demand Merging of Traceability Links with Models. In Proc. 2nd EC-MDA Workshop on Traceability, Bilbao, Spain. 2006. (link)
  • [ECMDA06b] Kolovos, DS, Paige, RF, and Polack, FA : The Epsilon Object Language (EOL). In proc. of European Conference in Model Driven Architecture (EC-MDA) Bilbao, Spain:128-142. 2006. (link)
  • 2005

  • [PHDBAEZ05] Vega Baez, GE : Développement d'Applications à Grande Echelle par Composition de Méta-Modèles. Phd thesis, Université Joseph Fourier de Grenoble. 2005.
  • [MDWE05] Reiter, T, Kapsammer, E, Retschitzegger , W, and Schwinger, W : Model Integration Through Mega Operations. Workshop on Model-driven Web Engineering (2005). 2005. (link)
  • [MODELS05a] Murzek, M, Kappel, G, and Kramler, G : Model Transformations in Practice Using the BOC Model Transformer . In proc. of Workshop “Model Transformation in Practice” at MoDELS 2005, Montego Bay, Jamaica. 2005. (link)
  • [JFDLPA05] Crescenzo , P, and Lahire, P : Une approche pour améliorer la réutilisabilité des modèles métiers. 2ème Journée Francophone sur le Développement de Logiciels Par Aspects (JFDLPA 2005). 2005. (link)
  • [GRAZIADEI05] Graziadei, TR : Aspect Oriented Model Weaver . Masters thesis, Fachhochschule Vorarlberg GmbH. In the Degree Program. 2005. (link)

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