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System Architecture (SA) Management

This is a complex scenario of management of "systems of systems". It uses many features of AMMA (ATLAS Model Management Architecture) to interoperate between different views of the same system.
This example uses a framework that deals with System Architecture (SA) called DoDAF [1] (Department of Defense Architecture Framework).
It uses different types of matching transformations to produce weaving models that capture the overlapping concepts of the different views of the same system.
This example is the work of a Master thesis [2] . Additional documentation is available in the source files.

Summary of files

The "executeAllChain.xml" Ant Task executes a set of transformations: - to execute only a single step, the rules in the first Ant task can be commented; - it contains two examples: the complete DoDAF example and a simple illustrative example ("simpleTest") .

The "example" folder contains the sample models and the generated models:

  • ATLmodel-XXXXX.ecore are the ATL models (the corresponding ATL files are in the "transformation" folder).
  • mw_refined_matchXXXX.amw are the weaving models produced after the filtering step. They can be opened with AMW.
  • mw_refined_matchXXXX.amw.prop are the configuration files for weaving models.
  • propagation_modelXXXX.ecore are the models with the cartesian product of elements from a left and right views.
  • sample_DoDAF-XXX.ecore are the set of sample models.
  • sampleSV5_fromXXX.ecore are the result of the execution of the generated transformations.

The "metamodel" folder contains the set of metamodels:

  • the DoDAF Views metamodels in KM3 and Ecore.
  • ATL metamodel in KM3 and Ecore, and the corresponding TCS (Textual Concrete Syntax) for extraction.
  • "Propagation graph" metamodel in Ecore and KM3.
  • Weaving metamodel "mmw_core_match.ecore".

The "transformation" folder contains the set of the transformation:

  • AMW2ATL.atl generates transformation models from weaving models
  • Filter_SF_amw.atl generates the weaving model.
  • SimplePropagationGraph.atl generates the propagation graph.
  • OV5_2_SV5.atl, SV4_2_SV5.atl and OV5&SV4_2_SV5.atl are the transformations generated with Model Integration Process.

The "simpleTest" folder contains all files with a simple illustrative example of the Model Integration process between two metamodels.

This example uses the ATL 2006 compiler. Instructions about how to install it are available here.

1. Volume II: Product Description, 4/2/2004. Official site:
2. Jossic, A. Gestions de Systèmes de Systèmes (in French). Master 2 Pro ALMA. September 2006. University of Nantes, France

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