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Merge GML and Elections into SVG - HowTo

This example contains an extension to the core weaving metamodel to merge an election metamodel (candidates, absentees, voters) with geographical data (this is a subset of GML (Geographic Markup Language). The merge is specified into a SVG metamodel.


The weaving model (mw_election_gml_merge.amw) is loaded by double clicking on it.

If the wizard is used, the extension file extension mmw_election_gml_merge.km3 must be selected in the first wizard page.

In the wizard second page, choose the weaving model mw_election_gml_merge.amw. Left metamodel: GMLsubset.ecore.
Right metamodel: Elections.ecore.
Target metamodel: SVG.ecore.

Remark: This example has been updated to be compatible with the latest releases and sources of ATL (ATL2006).

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