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Weaving Mantis and Bugzilla bug trackers

This example contains an extension to the core weaving metamodel to support interoperability between different tools. The weaving metamodel extension defines different types of interoperability links. The example contains a weaving model that captures links between the metamodels of two bug tracking tools (Mantis and Bugzilla). The tool metamodels are extracted from the Atlantic Zoo.

The weaving metamodel extension is also available in the AMW Zoo.

Loading the weaving model into AMW:

The weaving model (models/mw_mantis_bug.ecore) can be loaded by double-clicking on the file or by using the wizard.

When using the wizard, the following metamodel extensions need to be loaded:
  • mw_base_ext.km3,
  • mmw_mantis_bug.km3,
  • mmw_interop.km3,
  • enumeration_mantis.km3,
  • enumeration_bugzilla.km3.

There are some choices that need to be done in the wizard:
  • WModel : MatchModel,
  • WModelRef : ModelRef,
  • In the page 3/3, it is necessary to select the 'left' and 'right' metamodels to link them with the correponding files.
    Left metamodel: Mantis.ecore.
    Right metamodel: Bugzilla.ecore.

The extensions that do not appear directly in the wizard must be choosen using the "Browse in the workspace" button.

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