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About AMW

AMW Area

The ATLAS Model Weaver (AMW) is being developed by the ATLAS group, INRIA.

The prototype is implemented as an EMF plugin.The AMW uses the EMF reflective API to automatically generate a standard editor based on the weaving metamodel. Other user interface facilities may be added using predefined extension points.

Other features of the model weaver:

  • It enables weaving models and metamodels. They are stored as XMI documents.
  • Every model element has an unique identifier to be able to reference woven elements. We use the XMI IDs for element identifiction, though different namespace policies may be implemented and plugged into the workbench.
  • New metamodel extensions are created as KM3 files. The extensions may be deployed as Eclipse plugins.
  • It provides support to derived features. For instance one may create a reference orders with derived supplier and consumers.

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