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Atlas Model Weaver (AMW)


The AMW (ATLAS Model Weaver) is a tool for establishing relationships (i.e., links) between models. The links are stored in a model, called weaving model. It is created conforming to a weaving metamodel.

Use cases
The establishment of links between model or metamodel elements is present in numerous application scenarios, such as metamodel comparison, traceability, model matching, model annotation, interoperability.
The use cases section provides a set of key scenarios that use weaving models. The use cases contain a general overview, extra documentation and examples.
AMW provides a base weaving metamodel enabling to create links between model elements and associations between links. The metamodel may be extended to add other mapping semantics. This way there is the possibility of creating variable mapping languages dedicated to specific application requirements.

AMW is part of the AMMA platform.

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