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The goal of the Generative Modeling Tools project (GMT) is to produce a set of research tools in the area of MDSD (Model Driven Software Development). These contributions are intended to be illustrative of the variety of operations applicable to abstract models. Historically the most important operation was model transformation and this is the origin of the name of the project. Currently model transformation stays an essential operation but other model management facilities like model composition are also being proposed, broadering the scope of the GMT project.

The project will result in a set of research prototypes using the MDE paradigm. Each prototype tool will illustrate some kind of model management facility.

Audience for the GMT Tools

The tools developed by this project will be useful for those who need

Work Areas

GMT will provide a related set of components that can be used by other MDE tool components. The large breadth of the audience makes it necessary to define a tool architecture that is based on plug-ins and may rely on standard formats for information exchange between the tools (XML-based, XMI, etc.).

Typical research prototypes that may be found in the GMT project may be:

Any component that may be combined with the previous ones, either in stream-based, service-based or event-based interconnexion mode is a potential contribution to the GMT project.

History of the GMT Project

The GMT project was initially created by a group of people that met at OOPSLA in 2002:

The founders of GMT initially created a structure composed of core contributors, associate researchers and sponsors.

In addition to the founders, the following persons participated to these groups:

In a next phase, the GMT project was managed by Ghica van Emde Boas and Jorn Bettin. Ghica and Jorn managed to raise the level of GMT by starting integrating new subprojects, giving the initial direction and focusing on the production of MDE prototypes. Several documents produced in the early period of the project remains of interest ( Software requirements specification 0.1, GMT poster displayed at OOPSLA 2003, GMT Overview, etc. ).

The present project lead for GMT is Jean Bezivin (INRIA & University of Nantes) since 2005.

Freddy Allilaire is currently helping the GMT project with the role of parttime webmaster.