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GEF Getting Involved

As every Eclipse project, GEF is strongly dependent on active support by its community. You may become part of that community and get involved by reporting bugs or enhancement request, by contributing patches, by participation in disscussions on the mailing list, or by supporting the maintaining of the GEF wiki.

Contributor Guide

If you want to know how to support us with triaging of bugs or contributing to GEF (e.g. by providing a patch to a known bug), please refer to the Contributor Guide for further details.

Contributor Mailing List

Technical or organizational discussions (no help wanted questions) around the GEF project take place at the GEF Developer Mailing List. It is intended for use by developers actually working on or otherwise contributing to day-to-day development of the GEF project itself. Older discussions can be found in the Mailing List Archive.

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