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The Eclipse Process Framework committers are interested in knowing how well people are doing in deploying OpenUP. There have been thousands of downloads of the process but we haven't received much feedback on the results people are experiencing. Understanding the successes and failures the OpenUP community is experiencing will help us to deliver more value in the future.

If you've used OpenUP, even if it was just to review it as a potential process you might use, please send a note to or the EPF Newsgroup and answer the questions below. It should only take a couple of minutes of your time. You'll be helping to improve OpenUP for yourself and others.

If you decided not to use OpenUP, please explain why.
How successful were you in deploying OpenUP? What specific problems did you encounter (e.g. lack of training, couldn't understand a particular guideline, etc)? What parts of the process were easy to deploy?
Are you using it as-is or are you modifying it?

If you're using EPF Composer, to what extent are you modifying OpenUP (e.g. minor text changes, replacing templates, changing entire disciplines, etc)?
What are the characteristics of your project (head count, timeframe, industry, greenfield or maintenance, successful delivery, etc)?

Thanks for your input.

EPF Team.

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