Eclipse Process Framework

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OpenUP Essentials


Who will benefit from EPF
Introduction to OpenUP
EPF Composer Overview - Part 1
EPF Composer Overview - Part 2


EPF Installation, Introduction, Tutorial and Manual (ODT)
An Introduction to EPF
Customization scenarios with EPF Composer and OpenUP

Recorded Presentations and Demos

General Overview
Method Content Authoring
What is new to EPF Composer 1.2 (Raindance Web site)
EPF Wiki Demo Site: feel free to use the new demo resource and to share it with others

Presentations and publications

EPF Composer 1.2 - New and Noteworthy
EPF Short Tutorial at EclipseCon 2007
OMG Process Modeling Special Interest Group (PM-SIG)
What is EPF
EPF: An Open Source Process Initiative
Open Unified Process Distilled
Increasing Development Knowledge with EPF Composer
A Development Library At Your Fingertips
Building embedded software with EPF
OpenUP - The Best of Two Worlds