Package org.eclipse.epf.richtext

Interface Summary
IRichText The interface for a rich text control.
IRichTextEditor The interface for a rich text editor.
IRichTextToolBar The interface for a rich text editor toolbar.

Class Summary
RichText The default rich text control implementation.
RichTextCommand Defines the editing commands supported by the default rich text control and editor.
RichTextEditor The default rich text editor implementation.
RichTextEditorForm A composite for laying out the default rich text editor in an Eclipse form.
RichTextFormToolkit A helper toolkit for creating a rich text control and editor that can be added to an Eclipse form.
RichTextImages Shared images used by the default rich text editor.
RichTextListener Listens to a rich text editing event.
RichTextPlugin The Rich Text plug-in class.
RichTextResources The RichText resources.
RichTextToolBar The default rich text tool bar implementation.