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EPF Composer Development Guide

CVS Tags for EPF Composer

The latest revision of all EPF Composer source, also called the HEAD revision in CVS, is labeled with a tag when a new build is released. An example of a tag applied to all the source would look like R1_0_M3_I20060712. This tag applies to the 1.0 plan, milestone 3, and it is an integration build from 12 July 2006. A milestone tag would omit the I portion of the tag and would look like R1_0_M3, for example.

A CVS branch is often created to maintain a specific revision of the source after release. Most importantly a branch allows the HEAD revision of the source to change separately from the latest revision of the branch. Branches are also identified by a tag, such as R1_0_M2_BRANCH. This tag applies to the 1.0 plan and milestone 2.

Looking at the resource history for the plugin.xml file from org.eclipse.epf.authoring.ui demonstrates this idea:

The resource history shows revision 1.3 is associated with a single integration build. You will also see revision 1.2 is associated with an integration build and a branch tag, which means this is the initial revision for a branch in CVS.

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