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EPF Composer Development Guide

All of the EPF Composer source code is maintained in CVS. The steps described here include repository connection setup, checking out the EPF Composer projects, and typical version control tasks like comparing versions from within Eclipse. Although not covered in this page, it is possible to use the information here to configure a shell environment for EPF Composer development.

Many of the tasks described here apply to anonymous [read-only] users of the EPF Composer source code as well as committers will full access rights.

CVS Repository Setup

  1. Open the CVS Repository Exploring perspective

  2. Create a new repository location in the CVS Repositories view

  3. Enter the repository and your account information and review other settings

    Host =
    Repository Path = /cvsroot/technology

    If you are a committer, enter your user and password, and select 'extssh' connection type

    If you are not a committer and are using anonymous CVS, use 'anonymous' for the user, leave the password empty, and select 'pserver' for the connection type

    A short cut to enter the repository information involves pasting a complete CVS string into the Host field of the dialog. In the "Add CVS Repository" dialog, paste one of the following in the Host field and all of the other fields will be filled in. Committers will need to enter the user and password separately.

    Anonymous User:


  4. Expand the HEAD branch of the tree

  5. Expand the plugins folder of the org.eclipse.epf project

  6. Check out the plugins to your workspace

  7. Eclipse will begin building the plugins as they are checked out

    You may need to refresh the workspace projects or start a Clean build after check out is complete if the build fails with dependency errors

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