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EPF Composer Development Guide

The EPF project uses Eclipse Bugzilla exclusively to capture new change requests for features and bugs. Eclipse Bugzilla is available to anyone who registers with their email address. Users of Bugzilla will be able to enter new change requests and comment on existing change requests for any EPF project component.

Bugzilla Setup

Create a new account on Eclipse Bugzilla if you do not already have one.

If you are an EPF committer, be sure to use the same email address for Bugzilla as you use for your Eclipse committer account. After creating your account, email the Eclipse Webmaster to upgrade your Bugzilla account with committer rights for the EPF project.

Consider setting watches on each of the project component's dummy email addresses. The EPF project has four dummy email addresses that are associated with each Bugzilla component of the project. By setting one or more watches, you will receive email notification as new change requests are created for the EPF project. The dummy addresses are:


By watching one or more of the above addresses, you will receive notification when a new bug is entered for one of the project components. To set a watch, log in to Bugzilla and navigate to your preferences. You will see a Prefs link at the bottom of most Bugzilla pages. Click the Email Preferences link at the top of the preferences page.

Scroll to the bottom of the Email Preferences page and enter one or more email addresses into the 'Users to watch' field. Separate multiple addresses with a comma. You may also watch other email addresses (users of Bugzilla) by placing their email address in this field. This feature will allow you to watch activity on bugs assigned to a specific individual. You will also see at the bottom of this page the users who are watching your email address for activity. Refer to the following image:

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