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Modellierungskonferenz 2014 - Submission 40

This area is dedicated to the research paper Comparing Model-Driven and Custom Development Approaches for Optimizing the Energy Consumption of ITC-Systems in the Cloud submitted to the conference Modellierung 2014. It contains various material concerning the installation and evaluation of the approach respectively its prototype implementation.

Installation Guide

  1. Please download the Juno Eclipse Modeling Tools from
  2. . Unzip and start Eclipse and update the system (Help > Check for Updates).
  3. Restart Eclipse and install the EMF model transformation language Henshin (Help > Install New Software... > Work with: > next > ...).
  4. Restart Eclipse and install the EMF model quality assurance tool set EMF Refactor:
  5. Restart Eclipse.


For evaluation purposes please download from above and import the example project PAM.tests into your workspace (File > Import... > General > Existing Projects into Workspace > Next > Select archive file > Browse (to the zip file) > Select all > Finish).

Test results

The following pages summarize the results oof our tests concerning the correctness of both implementations:


This component is currently in its Validation (Incubation) Phase.


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