Demo System Updated


We were finally able to update the demo system. We are still missing some functionaly from the older version, but at least it is upgraded to the recent integration build of Eclipse SCADA 0.1.0.

The demo systems connects to an driver instance that is running in our office and connects to the Arduino board next to it. On the Arduino board there is a light sensor which provides that current value to the driver. The communication between the arduino ethernet shield and the driver is our custom arduino UDP based protocol, which is polling the arduino for data. The uplink the the demo system is realized using the Eclipse SCADA DA protocol using the NGP protocol stack and an IPv6 TCP connection. It connects the driver with the master server, that is running on a virtual machine at our ISP "in the cloud".

While the value archive server (historian) is already running and values and monitoring events can already be accessed using the Eclipe SCADA Admin Client, the specially configured rich client and the web interface still need some work and need to be upgraded as well. Hopefully we can do this in the next few weeks.

Also see the page DemoSystem in the Eclipse SCADA wiki.