eBPM - Downloads

eBPM0.7 is available now.

eBPM is the result of the contribution to Eclipse of part of the core of the open source project Spagic, the free/open source platform for the governance of middleware services and the development of SOA applications. The contribution work is still in progress: this means that using eBPM without any auxiliary tools is quite complex now. For this reason, in this tour we'll use some complementary tools provided by the original project Spagic along with the eBPM runtime, provided in its basic version with some additional Spagic bundles.

Spagic has been refactored for the eBPM contribution: most of the core bundles have been renamed, some code has been modified so as to allow the use of the libraries that are compatible with the EPL license. The license of all bundles has been changed as well.

Downloads are available at this URL:

eBPM Service Manager 0.7

eBPM 0.7 Getting Started

Spagic tools working with eBPM

Spagic3 Console

Spagic3 Studio for Windows

Spagic3 Studio for Linux

eBPM - RoadMap

eBPMRoadmap for 2010 includes:

  • Completing the porting of all connectors and services of version 2 towards the OSGi standard
  • Enrichment of the BPM support to users' activities
  • Implementation of management tools on the OSGi runtime.