The eBPM (eclipse Business Process Management) project aims to realize a complete BPM solution for OSGi. The eBPM project provides UI and runtime support, to allow to deploy and manage the OSGi services in a declarative way as well as to leverage the capabilities of the OSGi declarative services.

The missing Chain

At present, the OSGi technology appears to be the best answer to the demand of stable, modular and easily extensible solutions according to the SOA guidelines. On the other hand, OSGi really misses a central concept of a BPM platform that enables to describe the integration process in terms of OSGi services orchestration. The eBPM aims at the realization of a complete BPM solution for OSGi.

A huge variety of connectors

Several connectors are available, that allow to activate the services by the most common protocols, such as SOAP, JMS, FTP, Mail, and many more

Don't care about communication

The Main core provides a common way to define/develop OSGi services.eBPM core framework gives a way to realize OSGi Services based on the messaging paradigm that use the OSGi Event Admin Service to communicate with each others.

Current Status

The initial code is based on the open source platform Spagic 3. eBPM project is just provisioned. You can see the proposal here

New and Noteworthy

Proposed Components

A group of eBPM components are OSGi Bundles that can leverage the capabilities of OSGi Declarative Services, to provide a common way to define/develop OSGi services. The project will also provide Eclipse IDE Plugins as UI and runtime supports, to be able to deploy and manage OSGi services, in a declarative way leveraging the capabilities of OSGi declarative services. The proposal also includes a console ( eclipse view/perspective ) for management and monitoring activities. Also an Extension to BPEL Runtime is provided. The complete list of the proposed components can be found here.

The Company

eBPM and Spagic are supported by