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e4 0.9 Release IP Log


  • Eclipse Public License, 1.0

Third-Party Code

CQ Third-Party Code License Use
2767 TK-UI CSS Eclipse Public License
2852 Apache Batik Version: 1.6 **See Comments 6&7 re CSS SAC API (using Orbit CQ2070) Apache License, 2.0
2856 XWT Eclipse Public License
3185 EMF Javascript support Eclipse Public License
3186 EMF Toolkit model Eclipse Public License
3390 dojo Version: 1.1.0 (*Subset) (PB CQ2026) Academic Free License OR BSD (Dual - we choose BSD), BSD alone, MIT, Unicode, Apache 2.0 unmodified source
3442 Mozilla Rhino Version: 1.6R6 (**excluding proprietary files grabbed during build) (PB CQ2175) Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL) unmodified binary
3443 Apache Jakarta Commons BeanUtils Version: 1.7 (excludes dependent libs) (PB CQ1905) Apache License, 2.0 unmodified binary

No pre-req dependencies


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
aweinand (not a current committer)
bbiggs (not a current committer)
cmckillop (not a current committer)
cmclaren (not a current committer)
darins (not a current committer)
daved (not a current committer)
dejan (not a current committer)
dj (not a current committer)
dmegert (not a current committer)
dpollock (not a current committer)
droberts (not a current committer)
dwilson (not a current committer)
eidsness (not a current committer)
jeem (not a current committer)
karice (not a current committer)
kmaetzel (not a current committer)
mdaniel (not a current committer)
melder (not a current committer)
mvalenta (not a current committer)
mvanmeek (not a current committer)
nick (not a current committer)
nzelenkov (not a current committer)
prapicau (not a current committer)
rchaves (not a current committer)
rodrigo (not a current committer)
rperetti (not a current committer)
sarsenau (not a current committer)
sdimitro (not a current committer)
sdimitro2 (not a current committer)
sfranklin (not a current committer)
ssarkar (not a current committer)
sxenos (not a current committer)
tod (not a current committer)
twatson (not a current committer)
John Arthorne IBM
Serge Beauchamp Freescale Semiconductor
Oleg Besedin IBM
Boris Bokowski IBM
Szymon Brandys IBM
Grant Gayed IBM
Bogdan Gheorghe IBM
Felipe Heidrich IBM
R?diger Herrmann Innoopract
Kim Horne
Simon Kaegi IBM
Jeff McAffer Code 9
Kevin McGuire IBM
Eric Moffatt IBM
Philippe Mulet IBM
Benjamin Muskalla Innoopract
Steve Northover Bedarra Research Labs
Martin Oberhuber Wind River
Marcelo Paternostro IBM
Silenio Quarti IBM
Thomas Schindl BestSolution
Vineet Sinha Architexa
Ralf Sternberg Innoopract
Remy Suen
Olivier Thomann IBM
Kai Toedter Siemens AG
Hallvard Traetteberg
Francis Upton IV
Paul Webster IBM
Yves YANG Soyatec

Never Active
Name Organization  
Chris Aniszczyk Code 9
Frankf Appel
Kevin Barnes IBM
James Blackburn
Benjamin Cabe Anyware Technologies
Christian Campo compeople AG
Brian Fitzpatrick Red Hat, Inc.
Matthew Hatem IBM
Matthew Hatem
Kenn Hussey
Scott Kovatch Adobe Systems
Jochen Krause Innoopract
Scott Lewis Code 9
Carolyn MacLeod IBM
Ed Merks
Duong Nguyen IBM
Andrew Niefer IBM
Dave Orme
Ketan Padegaonkar
Chris Recoskie IBM
Michael Rennie IBM
Doug Schaefer Wind River
Michael Scharf Wind River
Eike Stepper
Mike Wilson IBM
Angelo ZERR

Contributors and Their Contributions

Bug Size Description
Aghiles Abdesselam (
263184 1.0K [CSS] Need Shell:active pseudo class
fix in the junit test
265214 41.4K [CSS] Summary bug for Cascading Rule Tests and CTabFolder Properties
CSS Properties and JUnits
265232 17.4K [CSS] CTabFolder extended properties are missing retrieveCSSProperty()
retrieveCSSProperty() does not only return null & junit test
266028 11.8K [CSS] Property retrieval must check instanceof and return null
instanceof check and will return null when appropriate
266146 2.8K [CSS] JUnit for: Property retrieval must check instanceof and return null
junit test for retrieveCSSProperty()
266804 14.2K [CSS] borderVisible VS border-visible
properties and junits updated
266970 11.0K [CSS] Widget.setData keys should be qualified
qualified updated
271531 8.1K [CSS] Button styleable properties
Label and Button now have alignment stylable property
Angelo (
256844 269.9K [CSS] TK-UI CSS engine for Nebula widget
TK-UI CSS engine Eclipse project for Nebula widget
James Blackburn (
266662 698 Assertion Failed Exception in ProjectPathVariableManager
266712 574 ctrl-drag folder to create linked resource and groups fails if directory already contains linked resources
Patch 1
266712 1.3K ctrl-drag folder to create linked resource and groups fails if directory already contains linked resources
267201 3.7K Resource filters problems with aliases
268507 3.1K Changing a linkLocation using #setLinkLocation doesn't automatically update child resources
Test 1
268518 12.4K Filtered Resorces problems Illegal Argument Exception during project open, issues with filtered resource appearing
Test 1
Benjamin Cabe (
280462 10.3K e4 splash screen
Implementation v03


The information contained in this log was generated by using commit information from the following repositories:


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