This package was released on 09/10/2012. A newer package is available here.

Eclipse Java and DSL Tools

Package Description

This package contains framework and tools to leverage models: an Ecore graphical modeler (class-like diagram), Java code generation utility for RCP applications and the EMF Framework, model comparison support, support for XSD schemas, OCL and graphical modeler runtimes. It includes a complete SDK, developer tools and source code.

This package includes:

    Detailed features list
    • org.eclipse.cvs,
    • org.eclipse.egit,
    • org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xcore.sdk,
    • org.eclipse.emf.sdk,
    • org.eclipse.epp.mpc,
    • org.eclipse.epp.package.common.feature,
    • org.eclipse.equinox.p2.user.ui,
    • org.eclipse.jdt,
    • org.eclipse.m2e.feature,
    • org.eclipse.pde,
    • org.eclipse.rcp,
    • org.eclipse.recommenders.feature.rcp,
    • org.eclipse.sdk,
    • org.eclipse.wst.xml_ui.feature,
    • org.eclipse.xtend.sdk,
    • org.eclipse.xtext.sdk,

    Maintained by: Xtext Project