This package was released on 03/23/2012. A newer package is available here.

Eclipse IDE for Automotive Software Developers

Package Description

This package contains frameworks and tools used for the development of embedded automotive software: In addition to Eclipse Platform, Java Development Tools, and Plug-in Development Environment, it includes EMF, GMF, Xtext, Xpand, UML2, selected other modeling components, C/C++ development tools, and XML/XSD editors and tools. It comes with the complete SDKs, i.e., provides runtime binaries, source code, and documentation.

This package includes:

    Detailed features list
    • org.eclipse.cdt.sdk,
    • org.eclipse.emf.mwe.sdk,
    • org.eclipse.emf.sdk,
    • org.eclipse.emf.transaction.sdk,
    • org.eclipse.emf.validation.sdk,
    • org.eclipse.epp.package.common.feature,
    • org.eclipse.equinox.executable,
    • org.eclipse.gef.sdk,
    • org.eclipse.gmf.runtime.notation.sdk,
    • org.eclipse.gmf.runtime.sdk,
    • org.eclipse.graphiti.sdk.feature,
    • org.eclipse.sdk,
    • org.eclipse.uml2.sdk,
    • org.eclipse.wst.xml_ui.feature,
    • org.eclipse.xpand.sdk,
    • org.eclipse.xsd.sdk,
    • org.eclipse.xtend.sdk,
    • org.eclipse.xtext.sdk,

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