Dash M1 - New and Noteworthy

This is our first combined Dash + Portal + IPZilla New & Noteworthy. Here are some of the more noteworthy things available in milestone M1 (April 30, 2008) which is, as always, live on the servers.

Manage Committers

Portal interface for removing a committer Project leads and PMC members have a new portal box that provides a way to remove inactive committers. The box currently shows (for each committer) activity information from the commits explorer, election participation, and the length of time the person has been a committer. Inactive committers can be de-committerized or, if they are active but for some reason not showing as active, marked-as-active. (199502)

"Committer Emeritus" status Former Committers who have made significant contributions to the long term success of Eclipse can now be nominated and listed as Committers Emeritus. (222350)

Nominations should require known address When a candidate is nominated for committer status, we now require that the email address used correspond either to a known committer or an existing Bugzilla account. Requiring a known account address solves a number of problems in the election process where we didn't know who a person was. For brand new (229120)

Make The Portal More Of A Home

Links to project resources From bug 206256 - easy way to access the mailing list/newsgroups archives for the projects on which they are committers - access to the project/component pages to which they are a committer - link to the standard project information page of the project (227227)

Rounded corners on portal boxes A slightly more modern look with rounded corners on the boxes. (227862)

Clean the Graffiti

Reminders for out of date meta-data addresses to project leads The email should still go to the dev mailing list, but the email should be addressed to the project lead(s), e.g., Tod, Heather, The meta-data for project foo.bar is out of date... Just a nicer personalization and it will also make it clearer who the responsible parties are. (227859)

Commits explorer driven by project meta-data The commits explorer used to be driven by hidden internal files; it is now driven by the project meta-data from the portal (and maintained by the project teams themselves). If the commits explorer data is incorrect, first check your meta-data: does it list all the CVS and SVN directories? (206881)