Learn Sirius by Videos

Sirius allows you to create a model and to represent information in a visual way. So, instead of a long article describing how to use it, we thought it would be better to simply show you with a few videos!

Sirius by C├ędric Brun

Recorded at EclipseCon France 2013 in Toulouse, Cedric Brun, Obeo's CTO, is interviewed by Ian Skerrett to
present Sirius.


Discover a sample modeling workbench created with Sirius, and look behind-the-scenes of this modeler.

Getting Started

This video shows the first steps to creating a new modeling workbench with Sirius.

If you don't have access to YouTube, the Getting Started video is also available in mp4 format.

Learn more

To discover Sirius and to get a preliminary version, please visit the Eclipse Sirius website.

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