Top 10 Talks EclipseCon Europe / OSGi Community Event

What shall I say? I heard it was a great conference. The food was good, the band was good, the circus was fun. And the attendees were great! So many smart people in one place, so many good conversations. The poster shows were appreciated. And the Fortiss exhibits were really cool. The overall rating for ECE 2013 was way better than the grades i had in my high school degree.

Oh – before I forget: We also had a great technical program. With more than 90 talks about Eclipse and OSGi related technology the participants liked most of them! Actually – here is the list of the 10 best talks. And I have added the links to the video recordings (where available), just in case you want to check them out again or weren't able to attend the conference at all.

Top 10 Talks

  1. Eclipse Smart Home - VIDEO
    Kai Kreuzer (Deutsche Telekom AG)
  2. Using Gerrit to enhance your Git - VIDEO
    Shawn Pearce (Google)
  3. Flying sharks and m2m
    Klemens Edler (Lunifera GmbH), Florian Pirchner (Lunifera GmbH)
  4. Migration to e4 - be aware of the pitfalls / Shake that FUD; How to migrate your Eclipse 3 legacy code to Eclipse 4 - VIDEO
    Wim Jongman (Remain Software / Industrial-TSI), Philip Wenig (OpenChrom), Lars Vogel (vogella GmbH)
  5. Lambda - More Than a Greek Letter
    Sebastian Zarnekow (itemis)
  6. New and Noteworthy in Java8
    Sebastian Zarnekow (itemis)
  7. EMF Dos and Don’ts - VIDEO
    Maximilian Koegel (EclipseSource Munich), Johannes Faltermeier (EclipseSource Munich GmbH)
  8. Custom SWT and RAP Widgets. Shining in the Nebula.
    Wim Jongman (Remain Software / Industrial-TSI)
  9. Eclipse Diagram Editors: An Endangered Species
    Jan Koehnlein (itemis)
  10. Add some spice to your application! (using EMF Parsley in your UI) - VIDEO
    Lorenzo Bettini (Dip. Informatica, Univ. Torino), Francesco Guidieri (RCP Vision), Vincenzo Caselli (RCP Vision)

Below you will also find the top 10 most viewed EclipseCon Europe video on YouTube. Of course there's more coverage on our YouTube channel via the EclipseCon Europe 2013 Playlist.

Hope to see you at EclipseCon 2014, EclipseCon France 2014 or the next EclipseCon Europe. Meanwhile, you might find other interesting events at!

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