Eclipse Contributor License Agreements Are Live

The Eclipse Contributor License Agreement is now live. This means that contributors can execute a CLA, and get theirs on file. Committers will be able to use the PMI (project management infrastructure) to look up whether a particular contributor has a CLA on file. So starting immediately, you will be able to refer to a CLA rather than asking the “three questions” on a bug.

The Eclipse Foundation Contributor’s Certificate of Origin has also been published, and contributors and committers should start using the signed-by option with git.

In order for a contributor to sign their CLA, they need to do the following:

  1. Obtain and Eclipse Foundation userid. Anyone who currently uses our Bugzilla or Gerrit systems already has one of those. If they don’t, they need to register.
  2. Login into the projects portal, select “My Account”, and then the “Contributor License Agreement” tab.

After the Kepler release — Thursday, June 27th — we have started automatically enforcing CLAs. This means that every time a contribution arrives at one of our git repositories (including Gerrit), the author field will be checked to ensure that there is a CLA or Committer Agreement on file for the author. If there isn’t, the contribution will be rejected.


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