Buckminster downloads
An Eclipse Tools Subproject

Buckminster is made available in two major types of packaging:

  • Eclipse Update Site for regular use inside the Eclipse IDE

    There are several features available. They are categorized into 'core' and 'optional'. Please note that you are expected to make a choice of what optional categories you need. Do not select all of them. Buckminster's support for Subversive and Subclipse in particular should be considered as mutually exclusive to one another.

    • The Buckminster update site for the Eclipse 4.5 IDE can be found at http://download.eclipse.org/tools/buckminster/updates-4.5. Please note that this link is intended for the Eclipse P2 Installer, not for browsing.

  • Headless Product application based on the Eclipse Runtime. This product is aimed towards those who need to use Buckminster without using a User Interface - think automated scripting. It contains only the bare minimum to get a working headless command line utility. To make it useful, you are supposed to install the features you need into it, and the result can then be shared as necessary.

    Updating the Headless Product is performed by using a headless install command that in turn will use the Eclipse Update Manager to install features. When installing Buckminster features, you must use our headless Update Site. This is because the headless distribution makes some special features available that contains only a small subset of the Eclipse platform.

    • The latest available version of the Buckminster Headless Product for Eclipse 4.5 is only provided as an P2 Installable Unit (IU) from our headless repository.

      The headless update site for Eclipse 4.5 is

      In order to install the headless buckminster, you must use the P2 director. A headless command line version of the director can be found here: director_latest.zip. Buckminster headless can then be installed using the following command:
      	-r <url to headless repo>
      	-d <buckminster install folder>
      	-p Buckminster
      	-i org.eclipse.buckminster.cmdline.product

  • The headless integrations for Subclipse and Subversion contains plug-ins has licenses which prohibits them from being redistributed from Eclipse.org. Instead, we distribute them from Cloudsmith's website. The update site can be found at http://download.cloudsmith.com/buckminster/external-4.5.

  • If you wish you can to download entire sites from our archives:

    4.4 archive
    4.3 archive
    4.2 archive
    3.7 archive
    3.6 archive