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BPEL Project Milestone Plan

Last modified: April 12th, 2012

The milestone plan below has been modified to re-adjust expectations and put some more realistic dates around the various deliverables.

Because some of the milestones are out with partial implementations of some of the features, we have marked this in the milestones that are already out.

Currently, we are hoping to release M6 on April 23, 2012.

M0: Get things going ...


Features Owners Progress
Document and share existing extension points IBM Complete
Create list of default implementation to create. Oracle Complete
Feedback on extension points Oracle Complete
Start implementation of default extension points Oracle Complete
Start WSDL and Partner Link discussion Oracle,IBM Complete
Storyboard for building LoanFlow Oracle,IBM Not Done
Start Runtime API design OMII Complete
Start Debugger API design Oracle Not Done
Definition of process to open and display in M1 Oracle,IBM Done
Legal resolutions Oracle,IBM Done
Define the list of samples for M1 Oracle,IBM Not Done

M1: View Only

At this point, we should have an editor that will run and could open an existing process and present it to the user. We reserve the right to have authoring not work at this point.

Out-date: March, 2006. What is in M1 ?

Features Owners Progress
Contribute source Oracle,IBM Done
Ability to open and display a BPEL process, not necessarily edit or author IBM Done
Design of Validation Framework Oracle 50%
Define list of validation errors/warnings with strings Oracle 30%
Define what "simple" and "complex" are based on Storyboard Oracle, IBM Not Done
Plan for final artwork Oracle,IBM Not Done
Contribute samples Oracle,IBM Not Done

M2: Can create and work on BPEL processes.

You should be able to create and open a BPEL process in the editor and be able to customize properties of all elements in the process (variables, partner links, assign rules, conditions) with considerable help from tools in the editor.

Out-date: December, 15 2006. What is in M2 ?

Features Owners Progress
Implement default, simple set of UI extensions, that is:
  • XSD Type Browsers
  • WSDL Browsers
  • XPath Editor
Oracle 80%
Finish enough implementation so that we can create project and build simple BPEL process All 70%

M3: Editor starts to take on final shape

The extensions ought to be sufficient to make life easy for BPEL designers. Validation should produce error free deployable processes.

Tenative-Date: May 31, 2007
Out-Date: August 17,2007 What is in M3 ?

Features Owners Progress
Implement Full-featured set of UI extensions, that is:
  • XSD Type Browsers
  • WSDL Browsers
  • XPath Editor
  • WSIL Browser
Oracle 100%
Working validation Oracle 95%
Reference runtime deployment plugin. This will be a deployment plugin to Active BPEL 3.0 All 100%
Finish enough implementation so that we can create project and build simple BPEL process All 100%
Full BPEL BPEL 2.0 model compliance. All 100%
UI to support BPEL 2.0 model constructs Oracle 50%

M4: Deploy and Debug a process to a reference runtime

At this point, deployment and debugging should be possible. We have moved the source code viewer editor to this milestone as the development has been progressing on it rather well from the post 1.0 feature list.

Out-Date: September 1, 2010

Features Owners Progress
Activity plug-in Design (One stop shop) ? Not done
Accessibility check ? Not done
Model maintains DOM tree IBM 85%
Source editor view Intel,IBM 75%

M5: Verify deployment to proprietary runtimes.

This will be primarily a code stabilization release. See the M5 Milestone Plan for more information.

Tentative-date: Q4 2010

Features Owners Progress
Deployment Framework Update Red Hat 100%
Undo/Redo Red Hat 90%
Refactoring Red Hat 0%
Validation Red Hat 100%
Nightly Builds Red Hat 100%
Bug Triage Red Hat 900%

M6: 1.0 Release

Graduation from the incubation phase. See the M6 Milestone Plan for more information.

Date: April 23, 2012

Features Owners Progress
Juno release train Petals Link, Red Hat 90%
Update Site re-org. Petals Link, Red Hat 50%
Other stuff ? Not Done

After that ...

Post Release 1.0 work and currently out of scope for 1.0

Date: Whenever ...

Features Owners Progress
Debug support ? Not Done
Search, integration with workbench search capability (Note: Maintaining a DOM tree might be useful since XPath could be used a search mechanism ... ) ? Not Done
Template or macro capabilities (Complex BPEL segments in re-usable templates) ? Not Done
Visual Compare and merge ? Not Done
Stuff we missed in previous milestones ? Not Done

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