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BPEL Designer Project

Developer Resources

To get started, we suggest that you install the bits first. The installation instructions should get you access to the right packages in the repository and allow you to build and run the editor in the Runtime Workbench.

Help is needed and is welcome ! There are currently a few of areas where we could use some help.

  • QA - if you are using the BPEL designer and found a bug report it.
  • Extension Points - Some of you have extended the BPEL editor to do X. Consider contributing this back or at least share that little nugget with us. We'll add it to the "interesting" links, "interesting" links side bar.
  • Runtimes - Apache ODE integration - we are thinking about this, but if you have some spare cycles perhaps you could write it.
  • Samples - have you written your first HelloWorld BPEL process ? Perhaps it is Hello World 2.0 ? We'll gladly make it part of the samples that will ship out with this.

If you are interested, just contact the BPEL Team.

Design Documents


Other Misc

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