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ATF Source Code

CVS Settings

CVS Settings

repository: /cvsroot/webtools
module: org.eclipse.atf
method: pserver
username: anonymous (no password)


Milestone 3 and 4 plugins and team set

The following ATF plugins were used to build M3. This list does not include JSDT.

  • org.eclipse.atf.doc
  • org.eclipse.atf.compatibility.jst.core
  • org.eclipse.atf.compatibility.php.core
  • org.eclipse.atf.core
  • org.eclipse.atf.javascript.jslint
  • org.eclipse.atf.javascript.validator
  • org.eclipse.atf.mozilla.ide.core
  • org.eclipse.atf.mozilla.ide.debug
  • org.eclipse.atf.mozilla.ide.debug.ui
  • org.eclipse.atf.mozilla.ide.ui
  • org.eclipse.atf.mozilla.ide.ui.extras
  • org.eclipse.atf.personality.dojo.core
  • org.eclipse.atf.personality.rico.core
  • org.eclipse.atf.personality.scriptaculous.core
  • org.eclipse.atf.ui

A Project Team Set for Milestone 3 is available.

A Project Team Set for Milestone 4 is available.

Additional Steps

Adding missing required plugins:

Download the XULRunner plugin for your platform:
Import into Eclipse workspace:
  • In the Explorer view: directory
    • Import... -> Plug-in Development -> External Plug-ins and Fragments
    • Uncheck "The target platform..." box
    • Specify the location of the folder containing three plugins in the Plug-in Location
    • Click Next >
    • Select the three plugins and click Add
    • Click Finish

Rebuild (clean) your workspace

Project -> Clean... -> Clean All Projects

If you still see compilation errors try restarting Eclipse: during testing, the most common issue we hit was some problem with the prerequisites not being completely or correctly installed. Please check to make sure that all elements of Eclipse and WTP have been installed correctly and at the correct level.

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