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Installing AMP using Update Sites (Recommended)

  1. Install the latest version of Eclipse from here.

    AMP is built for Eclipse 3.6 (Helios). We recommend the "Eclipse Modeling Tools" release, though "Eclipse Classic"" also works well.*

  2. Add update sites for AMP and AMP dependencies.

    Look here for more details.**

  3. Install desired features.

    Just select the Agent Modeling category plus any of the features in the Agent Modeling Extensions category that you've added external sites for.*** For most users, the selections shown below are recommended. Just make your selection, click the Next button and follow the remaining prompts.

* It is possible that some AMP components will function in earlier versions of Eclipse, but this usage isn't recommended or supported.

** It is not neccessary to actually install the features, just add the update site. It usually works better to enter all of the update sites first, and then select all of the features you will need. But if you run into issues, try installing the features in the "Agent Modeling" category only into a fresh Eclipse install..

**We recommend installing the LWJGL libraries and AGF3D as AGF3D adds important capabilities to Escape. On the other hand, you should only install the Repast extensions if you are planning on using Repast actively, as it currently carries a large number of dependencies of its own. Finally note that the Ascape target allows execution of models externally using the original Ascape Swing User Interface. If you want to run models written for the Ascape API using the Eclipse hosted Escape environment, you do not need this feature.

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