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AMP can be easily installed using the Eclipse Modeling Tools Discovery feature. See below for other options.

  1. Download and install Eclipse Modeling Tools from Eclispe Download Site.

  2. Launch Eclipse
  3. Select Help → Install Modeling Components.

  4. Scroll down and find the Agent Modeling Platform entry. Click the checkbox and then Finish.

  5. Follow the remaining prompts.
  6. Restart Eclipe and check out the welcome page.

  7. (Optional) To get started, go to the samples page and follow the Import Examples from VCS cheat sheet. Note that if you want to import the first set of models from Sourceforge, you'll need to Install Subversion so that you can get the Ascape sample projects from Sourceforge. If you just want to work with the example AMF models, you can just skip the "Ascape.psf" import step in the cheat sheet.
  8. (Optional) Install the Ascape documentation from the Ascape website. See the Update Site documentation for more information.

Other instalation options:

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