AJDT 2.1.3 - New and Noteworthy

Overview This has been a relatively minor release of AJDT. In this release, we have full support for Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo), a few bug fixes, and a new version of AspectJ.

Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo) support As of this AJDT release (2.1.3), the main development line will be the Eclipse 3.7 branch. We will produce at least one more version of the 3.6 branch of AJDT before deprecating it. The update site for Eclipse 3.7 support is:
And as before the update site for Eclipse 3.6-based AJDT is:

AspectJ 1.6.12.M1 AJDT 2.1.3 include AspectJ 1.6.12.M1. See the release notes for more information.

Bug Fixes Some of the notable bug fixes in this release are:
  • Bug 290741: Workspace encoding is ignored AJDT and AspectJ now respect custom workspace file encodings.
  • Bug 345883: Privileged checkbox not working for new aspect wizard The privileged checkbox and the instantiation model check boxes are now fixed.
  • Bug 343001: Neo4J editing problems This fixes several obscured spurious errors in the editor when working with generics and abstract aspects.
See bugzilla for a list of bugs addressed in this release.

Previous Releases See here for information on the new features in AJDT 2.1.2.

Thanks! Thanks for community help and feedback during this release cycle. You can contact the AJDT team on the mailing list, and raise bugs on bugzilla. We also lurk on the AspectJ users list, and on the SpringSource Tool Suite forum.