AJDT v1.1.12 - New and Noteworthy

New project properties

In addition to the global preferences for the AspectJ compiler, you can now alter these settings individually for each project.

Related locations

Errors and warnings produced by declare error and declare warning statements are displayed in the problems view, and double-clicking on these entries opens the editor at the location of the error or warning. Often the declaration that produced these errors or warnings is also of interest. You can now navigate to that declaration by right-clicking on the gutter annotation, and selecting from the "Go To Related Location" menu.

Also, this same mechanism is used by certain errors thrown by the AspectJ compiler. For example, a syntax error might relate to a source code location where some advice applies. In this case, that source location would appear in the problems view. But the syntax error might actually occur in the pointcut declaration. If that additional pointcut source location is present in the error issued by the compiler, it will now be shown in the "Go To Related Location" menu for the error gutter annotation.

Export AspectJ plugins

You can now export AspectJ-enabled plugins by right clicking on a plugin project and selecting Export > Deployable plug-ins and fragments with AspectJ support. (This wizard uses the iajc Ant task instead of the javac task.)

Java completion for .aj files

Code completion against Java types is now available for aspects contained in .aj files.

Gutter annotations

Gutter annotations are now shown for advice declared in aspects that are contained in JAR files, including where an abstract aspect is in a JAR file, and the concrete aspect is in a source file in a project. The resources show as "injar aspects" (and cannot be navigated to).

Bug fixes

AJDT 1.1.12 also contains a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements, including:

  • 70290: Visualizer Plugin not loaded in runtime-workbench
  • 70524: NPE when compiling method that has missing return type
  • 70248: Aspect changes to class on undo on AJDT 1.1.11
  • 46665: Output folder for source folder not utilized
  • 61679: Editors and outline view get screwed up when "close editors automatically" is set
  • 62265: get is highlighted when used as a method
  • 71060: Make .aj/.java preference for New Aspect wizard global
  • 70288: AJDT-enabled plugin projects lead to build problems of dependent plugin projects
  • 70335: Compiler messages leaking with linked source folders.
  • 70249: AspectJ warnings disabled by default on upgrade
  • 70237: Renaming of project throws exception
  • 71554: AspectJ code templates do not get installed
  • 71624: NPE on Eclipse 3.0.1 builds
  • 71056: New AspectJ Project wizard should interpret any contents that exist at specified location.
  • 48624: aspect visualizer fails with linked folders
  • 71718: Setting breakpoints does not work (in default package)

Previous release

See also information about the previous release:

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