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Aether Documentation

API Documentation

For technical details regarding usage of the API, please consult the generated API docs of the various classes.

The interface org.eclipse.aether.RepositorySystem denotes the main entry to the functionality so is probably a good place to start reading.

These API docs are also available from the Central Repository such that IDEs with Maven integration can present you with that information automatically when you edit your code.


More high-level and task-focused documentation regarding Aether's usage can be found in our wiki space.

Users updating from previous versions should consult the New and Noteworthy document to get an overview of changes between releases.

Example Code

Sometimes the best way to get familar with something new is to jump right into real action. For this kind of learning by doing, we have the aether-demo Git repository.

This repository contains a module with code snippets that you can quickly run from within your IDE by executing their main() methods. The snippets demonstrate common usage scenarios that you can use as basis for your own code. They also allow you to play with the API, i.e. make changes to the examples and study their effects or even step through the code with a debugger.

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