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Aether Developers

Source Code

The source files of the project are stored in Git repositories. Please see the summary tab of a repository for details about the URL required to clone a repository to your local machine.

In addition to the Git repositories hosted by the Eclipse Foundation, there are also mirror repositories at GitHub. But note that these mirrors can lag several hours behind in terms of commits showing up.

Patch Submission

Please note that due to legal requirements, we will not accept pull requests. Instead, contributors are asked to create a patch file and attach it to an entry in our issue tracker.

For any new source/resource files, please ensure you have the proper copyright/license header in place. See Default Eclipse Foundation Copyright and License Notice for the header template with explanatory notes.

A patch should be created with git format-patch such that we can properly integrate and attribute your contributions. Please note that the output of git diff is not acceptable as a patch file.

The comment accompanying the patch file in Bugzilla should state that the contributor wrote all of the code himself and that he has the right to contribute it to the Eclipse Foundation (cf. Terms of Use).

Code Style

When editing sources files, please respect our existing code style. Corresponding formatter settings for some IDEs can be imported from the following resources:

Build Environment

Building the sources requires Apache Maven 2.2.1 or newer and a Java Developer Kit for Java 5 or higher.

Intellectual Property Log

All Eclipse projects are required to maintain an IP log for the employed intellectual property. Committers should especially pay attention to the IP due diligence process.

We use the automatic IP log tool to track code contributions and third-party dependencies. See Aether's tentative IP log for approved dependencies.

Issue Tracker

The project uses Bugzilla to manage bugs and feature requests.

Committers should configure their Bugzilla email preferences to watch the user aether.core-inbox(AT) in order to get notifications for new issues.

Mailing Lists

Continuous Integration

We use Eclipse's Hudson infrastructure for our continuous integration builds. Hudson is configured to periodically poll our Git repositories for changes and automatically starts a new build when required.

Besides cross-platform testing, CI is also used to automatically deploy snapshot/nightly builds. Those builds are generally not production-ready but only enable feedback from early access users. The following Maven repository can be used to access these snapshot builds:


Note: This repository contains snapshots of many projects, not just those produced by Aether.


Committers that wish to author the contents on the project's website will find the relevant instructions in the documents listed below:

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