Web Tools Platform 1.0M4 - New and Noteworthy

Work in progress

This milestone has been targetted to completing API review and javadoc. Here are some noteworthy features to explore in this milestone:

Server Tools

Servers View

The Servers view now shows the modules that are deployed to a server as tree elements underneath the server. Status of the server and modules is now shown in the tree, and other state information (e.g. started/stopped for each individual module) will be shown in future milestones.

Servers view

Build Classpath

The build classpath (runtime classpath container) can now be editted to provide source paths and javadoc attachments, just like regular classpath entries.

Build classpath

Internal Browser

The internal browser and launching support was donated down to the Eclipse platform for 3.1M6. Besides a few additional features, all support has been removed from WTP.

Browser preferences

Tomcat Context Support

The Tomcat server now supports context information placed within the module. This allows you to edit the context directly inside the workspace and have it automatically deployed when switching Tomcat servers.

Internet Cache

An internet cache has been introduced in M4. This component caches requested remote resources preventing remote access on subsequent requests for the resources. The cache respects suggested expiration times for remote resources and can be configured through user preferences. A background job, which caches resources that were unable to be cached when first requested, is also included.

Internet Cache preference page

Generic server presentation

Each application server defined as a generic server is defined and presented individually. Prior to M4 they were presented under a single generic server entry.

New Runtime Generic Server Tree

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