Web Tools Platform 1.0 M4 - New and Noteworthy

This milestone focussed primarily on API definition, cleanups, and documentation. The SSE team still cooked up a few goodies, though:

Structured Source Editing

More Wizards!

At long last there are now Wizards for creating HTML files and JavaServer Pages. Both are located within the Web category and support creating files using user-definable Templates.

HTML Wizard dialog showing new options

Templates using the New HTML and New JSP contexts will be offered in the corresponding wizards.

HTML Template preference page with templates in the 'New HTML' context selected

Editing custom file types

In Eclipse 3.1M6, a new preference page to edit content types and their associated file names and character sets was added under the General/Editors preference page.

content type preferences

The XML, HTML, JSP, CSS, DTD, and JavaScript source editors are associated with the content types of the same name. Adding a custom file name or file name extension to those content types will allow those files to be edited with the appropriate editor, as well having them be treated as that content type throughout the IDE.

Adding a custom filename extension, 'custom', to the XML content type

Editing a custom filename extension, 'custom', with the XML source editor

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