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TM Downloads

All downloads are provided under the terms and conditions of the Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement unless otherwise specified.

Current releases and CI builds

Latest CI Builds

Compatible with Eclipse 4.12 (Simrel 2019-06)

TM Terminal & RSE 4.5.100

Compatible with Eclipse 4.11 (Simrel 2019-03)

Old Releases

TM Terminal & RSE 4.5.1

Compatible with Eclipse 4.10 (Simrel 2018-12)

TM Terminal & RSE 4.5.0

Compatible with Eclipse 4.9 (Simrel 2018-09)

TM Terminal 4.4 and RSE 3.7.100

Compatible with Eclipse 4.8 (Photon)

TM Terminal 4.3 and RSE 3.7.3

Compatible with Eclipse 4.7.3 (Oxygen.3a)

TM 4.0 (Mars)

Compatible with Eclipse 3.8.2 and later. See the Release Review.

Archived Releases

Older releases are found on
  • The TM Download Site
  • The TM Archive Site
  • The TM Update Sites:
    • or repo zip (Luna SR2)
    • (Luna SR1)
    • (Kepler)
    • (Juno)
    • (Indigo)
    • (Helios)
    • (Galileo)
    • (Ganymede)
  • Legacy: TM 2.x update site)

Older downloads have been submitted to via bugzilla:

In addition to that, Developer Documents are available for download.


Sept. 2018: TM & RSE 4.5 are released with Eclipse Simrel 2018-09.

Terminal Restructuring

April 25, 2014: TM Terminal has been restructured and is now on the Marketplace.

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