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EclipseCon Keynote: What Is Watson?

Community Bulletin

The Eclipse Foundation is pleased to announce a featured EclipseCon 2011 keynote presentation, 'What is Watson'. David Gondek of the IBM DeepQA/Watson Project will take attendees on a tour of the technologies that power Watson, the IBM machine that recently won a Jeopardy! match against two of the best contestants to ever play the game.

EclipseCon will also feature two other industry keynote presentations:

  • The Java Renaissanance: Mark Reinhold (Oracle) and John Duimovich (IBM) will give us an in-depth view of the recent developments in Java, focusing on the introduction of Java SE 7 and the participation in OpenJDK by both Apple and IBM.
  • On Apache Hadoop: The Hadoop project at Apache is an open-source framework for storing and analyzing large quantities of diverse data. Todd Lipcon of Cloudera will explain why the system was built, outline the technical details, and then share the experience and lessons learned by the Hadoop team.

EclipseCon 2011 is March 21-24 in Santa Clara, CA. Registration is now open.


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