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Announcing EclipseCon 2011, March 21-24 in Santa Clara

Community Bulletin

The Eclipse Foundation is pleased to announce EclipseCon 2011, to take place March 21-24 in Santa Clara, California. The conference program will be chaired by Chris Aniszczyk of Red Hat.

EclipseCon is the conference for anyone involved in Eclipse. As an Eclipse user, EclipseCon is where you will learn about the latest Eclipse products as well as picking up those valuable how-to tips from the experts and user groups. As an Eclipse developer, EclipseCon is where you collaborate with your colleages and do whiteboard planning for the next generation of APIs and features. As an Eclipse company, EclipseCon is the place to talk directly to your users and learn how to make the most compelling tools on the planet.

Eclipse Foundation members and alumni will receive updates later this year when the call for participation, conference format and program are announced. Anyone else wishing to sign up for conference updates and reminders can do so by visiting the EclipseCon 2011 mailing list. To sign up for sponsorship information, see the EclipseCon 2011 sponsor mailing list.

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