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Release Resolved Community Contributions
June 25, 2014
Community contributions were provided by Gregory Amerson, Tim Cheung, Leo Dos Santos, James Kennedy, and Michael Keppler.
Includes: Mylyn 3.12, Mylyn Builds 1.4, Mylyn Commons 3.12, Mylyn Context 3.12, Mylyn Docs 2.1, Mylyn Reviews 2.3. Mylyn Tasks 3.12, Mylyn Versions 1.4.

Also see the New & Noteworthy for previous releases

New in Mylyn 3.12

NOTE: Mylyn 3.12 requires Java 1.6 or later and supports Eclipse 3.8, 4.3 or 4.4. Eclipse 3.6 is now the base compilation target, so Mylyn no longer runs on Eclipse 3.5. See the download page for repository locations.



Toggle Focus Active View with Keyboard

You can quickly focus or unfocus the active view by pressing Alt+Shift+H. The keybinding can be customized in the preferences.


Hudson/Jenkins Connector

Jenkins 1.532.2

Jenkins 1.532.2 is now supported.


Gerrit Connector

Open Review Navigator from Task Editor

The Gerrit task editor adds a toolbar button to make it easy open the Review Navigator for the current review.

Gerrit 2.8.5

Gerrit 2.8.5 is now supported.


Framework and API

See porting guide for additional notes on API changes.

Tasks: Control Fetching of Subtasks

To allow clients of the framework to control whether queries automatically fetch subtasks, SynchronizationJob and ITaskJobFactory now have setFetchSubtasks and getFetchSubtasks methods. bug 385670

Commons: Configure Maximum Number of Connections

Clients can configure the maximum number of http connections (in total and per-host) using system properties. bug 417451

SOAP transport removed

The SOAP transport has been removed: bug 421379

New in Eclipse Luna

For Mylyn changes since the Eclipse Kepler/Mylyn 3.9 release, see also the New & Noteworthy for Mylyn 3.11 and Mylyn 3.10.

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