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The minimal Mylyn install is a standalone Task List. Optional Task Repository Connectors integrate the Task List with bug/task/issue trackers and project management tools. Bridges focus the user interface on the active task and installing all available bridges is recommended. The preferred way of installing is via Eclipse.

Additional Connectors and Bridges
Community and commercial support
Older Downloads
Download archive and support for older Eclipse versions starting from Eclipse 3.2

3.25.2 Release 

    New & Noteworthy (2020-09-16). Requires Java SE 8 or later. Includes connectors to Bugzilla, Trac, Hudson, Jenkins and Gerrit.
  •  (Eclipse 4.11 and 4.12)

Snapshot Builds 

   New & Noteworthy Weekly builds are production quality, but subject to UI changes.
  •  (Eclipse 4.7 or later)
  • Zipped Snapshot Builds
  •  (Eclipse 4.7 or later)

   Additional Repository Locations

Commercial Distributions

Numerous connectors and productivity features, supported by the creators of Mylyn. Free trial available.
Announce List
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