IoT Gateways

A Raspberry Pi Gateway

Let Kura turn your Raspberry Pi into an IoT gateway. The Kura source code is complete with example projects to get you up and running quickly. Kura is compatible with the latest RPi B+ model. Get the latest downloads.

A BeagleBone Black Gateway

Kura is compatible with the BeagleBone Black Rev C. Get the latest Debian package.

Industral IoT Gateways

Take a look at vendors who are using Kura in their commercial gateways.

Deploying and configuring one device to act as a node in the Internet of Things is relatively easy. Doing the same for hundreds or thousands of devices is not so easy though. This is where the new Eclipse project Kura comes in.

Kura - A Gateway for the Internet of Things -
D.J. Walker-Morgan

I just got the full Eclipse Kura demo and I was blown away. Very cool stuff.
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Tweet from Mike Milinkovich

Kura in action on YouTube.

Kura in action on YouTube.