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0.8.1 Stable Release

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ECF API Additions and Changes

Datashare API for Channel Lifecycle Events

IChannel lifecycle events are now delivered via: IChannelContainerListener. Methods IChannelContainer.addChannelContainerListener and IChannelContainer.removeChannelContainerListener have been added to IChannelContainer allow the registration of listeners prior to the creation of IChannels within the IChannelContainer.

Datashare provider implementations must deliver IChannelContainerListeners instances of the following events when IChannel instances are created, either via local calls to IChannelContainer.createChannel, or via remote calls to create replica IChannels. In either the local or remote case, the following events are to be delivered to IChannelContainerListeners:

IChannelContainerChannelActivatedEvent - delivered when an IChannel within this container is first activated

IChannelContainerChannelDeactivatedEvent - delivered when an IChannel within this container is deactivated

Instances of these events must be delivered synchronously to all IChannelContainerListeners. In the case of the IChannelContainerChannelActivatedEvent, the event should be delivered to all IChannelContainerListeners before any other messages are delivered to the channel.

Note that the reception of the IChannelContainerChannelActivatedEvent can be responded to by (for example), setting the IChannelListener on the channel to the desired channel message handler (for handling IChannelMessageEvents).

See example test code in the org.eclipse.ecf.test.datashare plugin, in the DatashareFixedChannelTest, DatashareDynamicChannelTest, and DatashareCustomChannelTest test classes.