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0.7.5 Stable Release

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New and Noteworthy for 0.4.0
New and Noteworthy for 0.5.2
New and Noteworthy for 0.5.4
New and Noteworthy for 0.6.0
New and Noteworthy for 0.6.2
New and Noteworthy for 0.7.0

0.7.0: Added Graphshare Example Back into Build/Update Site

Added build/deploy of graphshare example application (real-time shared manipulation of EMF and GEF graphical model). See download page

0.7.0: Added Call API feature and included call API plugin in ECF SDK

A new experimental API for doing VOIP call setup has been introduced in plugin This API is still under development, and no provider implementations yet exist that implement the ICallContainer entry point adapter interface. The initial API is being released to get community feedback to guide the further development of the API and the selection/ordering of provider implementations.

See the javadocs for the, and the

Please provide any thoughts/comments/feedback to either the mailing list or the newsgroup. For access to these forums see here.

0.7.1: Added org.eclipse.ecf.server plugin

Added new server plugin org.eclipse.ecf.server. This new plugin allows the running of an ECF generic server within the Equinox Incubator under 'Embedding in Servlet Container'

. When started by the Equinox platform (via console), the org.eclipse.ecf.server plugin reads the conf/server.xml configuration file and starts the specified servers listening on the specified ports. Currently the ECF generic server at ecftcp:// is run in this manner.

0.7.2: Fixes for IRC provider spontaneous disconnects

IRC provider available available here was having problems with spontaneous client disconnects caused by a mishandling of certain IRC events

0.7.3: New Workspace Connect Dialog

New connect dialog for workspace connect:

0.7.3: Connect dialog optionally remembers password

Connect dialog will optionally remember password and store as user preference. This is disabled by default, but to enable password storage go to Window->Preferences...->ECF Collaboration. NOTE: If enabled, passwords stored in cleartext in preference store and so should not be considered secure: