Californium sources

Californium (Cf) core

The project is divided into five sub-projects. The Californium (Cf) core provides the central framework with the protocol implementation to build your Internet of Things applications. This repository also includes example projects to get you started. All Californium sources are hosted on GitHub, so you can easily contribute through pull requests.

Californium (Cf) is dual-licensed under EPL and EDL. The latter is a BSD-like license, which means the Cf CoAP framework can be used together with proprietary code to implement your IoT product!

Cf is available in Maven Central and very easy to consume in your Java project. We have got your back covered from OSGi wrapper to HTTP-CoAP cross-proxy to advanced test suites that have been used at the ETSI Plugtests.

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Scandium sources

Scandium (Sc)

The Scandium (Sc) sub-project provides security for Californium. It implements DTLS 1.2 to secure your application through ECC with pre-shared keys, certificates, or raw public keys.

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Actinium sources

Actinium (Ac)

Actinium (Ac) is the app-server for Californium to realize IoT mashups! Your JavaScript apps become available as RESTful resources and can directly talk to IoT devices using our CoapRequest object API.

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Tools sources

CoAP tools

This repository provides CoAP tools that also serve as examples. Use CoAPBench to benchmark your CoAP solutions or simply use our cf-client to interact with your devices from the command line.

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Connector sources


The element-connector abstracts from the different transports CoAP can use. It provides the basic UDPConnector as well as the interface to implement new connectors like the DtlsConnector of Scandium.

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Getting started. Take the tutorial.

The Internet of Things if growing, but how can you build your own connected objects? Together with MQTT, CoAP is one of the popular IoT protocols. It provides answers to the typical IoT constraints: it is bandwidth efficient and fits in constrained embedded environment while providing friendly and discoverable RESTful API.

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More CoAP tools

More tools. Get the full CoAP experience.

The Copper (Cu) CoAP user-agent is an add-on for the Firefox Web browser. It allows browsing, bookmarking, and direct interaction with CoAP resources. Simply enter a CoAP URI into the address bar. To get started you can test the following CoAP sandboxes:

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