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WTP PMC Agenda/Minutes for March 15, 2011 Conference Call

WTP PMC Agenda/Minutes for March 15, 2011 Conference Call

Call Info

Toll free (in US and Canada): 888-426-6840
Access code: 6460142#
Caller pay alternative number: 215-861-6239
Full list of global access numbers

Call Time: 11:00 AM Eastern


PMC Members

  • David Williams: Y
  • Naci Dai: ?
  • Raghunathan Srinivasan: ?
  • Neil Hauge: ?
  • Tim deBoer: ?
  • Kaloyan Raev: R
  • Chuck Bridgham: ?

Announcements and General Business

EclipseCon next week. No Tuesday meeting ... but, we'll have our tradtional Wednesday morning breakfest. At Hyatt resturant. at 8:00 AM (Pacific). Unless someone has a better suggestion?

Any interest/desire from other PMC Members (instead of me) to sit on EclipseCon closing Panel? (4:00, Thursday)

PMC review summary page has been created for 3.3 M7 (for UI and API changes).

Any Maven-meeting discussion? BOF at EclipseCon?

Other Business ... ?

Future Agenda items

  • Retrospect Helios quick maintenance release. Does it mean we weren't ready to release? Any way to improve timing in future?
  • Disuss our model and assignments of "PMC Roles". Do they still make sense?


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