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WTP PMC Agenda/Minutes for February 09, 2010 Conference Call

WTP PMC Agenda/Minutes for February 09, 2010 Conference Call

Call Info

Tollfree in the US: 877-421-0030
Alternate: 770-615-1247
Access code: 173098#
Full list of phone numbers

Call Time: 8:00 AM Pacific; 11:00 AM Eastern; 1600 UTC

Announcements and General Business

  • JSDT creation review on February 10.
  • JAX-WS component in incubator planning to graduate, March 10.
  • Common Project Lead.

    I will notify EMO Tuesday afternoon (the one week limit).

  • New logo and website content

    How to generate interest and work aound website and logo? (See bug 301940 and 300475.)

  • Statement to committers on Accessibilty Requirement, sound ok?

    The Simultaneous Release Requirements have an Accessibilty Requirement to report Accessibility Compliance by using "... a publically available checklist ...". While for Helios Release required documentation, we will provide one, "rolled up" checklist for all of WTP, the PMC would like to ask each sub-project to do their own evaluations and tests and provide their own checklist report, specific to their sub-project. For consistency, we recommend the sub-projects use these:

    Additionally, where tools can be used to test compliance, we recommend JAWS be used. (This is not free, open source software, so we can not require it, but we know a number of committers do in fact have versions or licenses to use it, so, when possible, for consistency, would be good to use it.) There are other tools available, as mentioned in The Simultaneous Release Requirements. Also, be sure to read the updated Eclipse Corner Article, Designing Accessible Plug-ins in Eclipse for how to program for accessibility to begin with.

  • mixed version project interoperability requirement

    Pending (I'll writeup statement for PMC review, first).

  • Review WTP and Eclipse principles of open source development and governance.

    Pending. I'm working on FAQ (for PMC review, first).

  • New year resolutions?

    There is a need, and interest!, to discuss high level, big picture aspects of the WTP project. Some possible items are listed below. Remember, to actually do anything, will require someone to volunteer to do the work.

    • Discuss W4 incubator project. (Raghu)
    • API, stability
    • scope? osgi spec's?
    • more "press"? as it is popular
    • e4? Can we sign up for "be compatible with e4 in 2011"

      Notes from meeting: This was only "new years resolution" discussed. We mentioned 4 points:

      • need feedback from adopter products on importance/explotation of e4
      • needed nonAPI scans first to see how far off we are, from using compatibility layer.
      • may need help from Platform to provide more API?
      • we ourselves may need to provide more API!? Are any of our functions sensitive to e4?
    • Continuous Improvement Notes

    We'll have next agenda too.

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