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WTP PMC Agenda/Minutes for February 26, 2008 Conference Call

WTP PMC Agenda/Minutes for February 26, 2008 Conference Call

Call Info

Tollfree in the US: 877-421-0030
Alternate: 770-615-1247
Access code: 800388#
Full list of phone numbers

Call Time: 1500 UTC


PMC Members

  • David Williams: Y
  • Naci Dai: N (regrets)
  • Raghunathan Srinivasan: Y
  • Neil Hauge: Y
  • Tim deBoer: Y

Reports, Actions, Issues

Requirements: Raghu Srinivasan


We agreed, I'd send reminder that exceptions for post M6 features should have PMC Review. Project leads to open bug to track, and update the "exceptions" section of ramp down page.
I also agree to update ramp down page to make clearer that its bugs that are post M7 review, but features or large UI changes need review after M6.

Education: Naci Dai

  • No progress to report (Naci sent regrets). Will re-visit next week.
Previous Notes:
  • Phase 1, orgainize what we have, done by end January.
  • Phase 2, self guided new materials. some available by EclipseCon.
  • phase 3, shutdown .. scenerios
Naci working on '1', and will discuss next week


Planning: David Williams

  • M5 done
  • 2.0.2 done
  • Do we need a 2.0.3? Patch a few for a while? (and put on update site)
Agreed we'd recommend no 2.0.3 release, but provide "2 or 3" fixes via official patches, put on update site.
I agreed to update releng process and documents to cover 2.0 patches


Quality: Neil Hauge



Architecture: Tim deBoer

Proposed WTP API Policy

  • Discuss Architecture Group's Proposed WTP API Policy

    Tim will distribute at large, for discussion on Thursday. There was a suggestion to track new 'provisional' API with bugzillas.

  • Any progress/proposals an new/changed features?

    No. Tim is assuming closed for this release.


Other business?

  • Committers in the works: Gary K and Cameron
  • Requirement Project:
  • Face-to-face meeting. Sunday will be bad (most getting in too late on Sunday). Need to find some other time. Need to create an agenda.
  • Discussed version increment. Decided "3.1", unless there is major additions or something breaking. [Added after the meeting, should we consider "3.5"? (to match the platfor?)
  • Potential resource issues?
    • Refactoring Doc features (and moving to appropriate sub-projects).
    • Refactoring SDK (source and JavaDoc) features/bundles (and moving to appropriate sub-projects)
    • Platform/OS coverage for testing and support?
    • Performance Tests
    No obvious resouce solutions. JSF does generate "manually", and then just includes in the build.
    dw to ask hz if we should have test matrix?

Action Items

To Do

  1. David: Will call for Project Lead vote on WTP Policy on Package Visibility
  2. David: update 3.0 milestone plans with focus items.
  3. Raghu: create a wiki page: a checklist for how to lower the barrier to participation for all projects
  4. David: create wiki page for 3rd-party requirements
  5. David: post instructions and reminders for our "community resources" and presentations page, especially, even, for eclipseCon 2007, and Eclipse Summit


  1. Bob Frasher, all: WTP Refactor followup: Need to update website. Project Leads will need to take ownership of their own pages. See bug 201331
  2. David: Reorg CVS. See CVS Restructuring Proposal
  3. David: update our "planning" documents with dates for both Ganymede and Winter maintenance.

PMC Calendar

  • Tentatively plan f2f Sunday before EclipseCon

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