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WTP PMC Agenda/Minutes for February 20, 2007 Conference Call

WTP PMC Agenda/Minutes for February 20, 2007 Conference Call

Call Info

Tollfree in the US: 866-484-4232
Alternate: 702-894-2358
Access code: 3500048#

Call Time: 7am PST / 10am EST


PMC Members

  • Tim Wagner: N
  • David Williams: Y
  • Naci Dai: Y
  • Raghunathan Srinivasan: Y
  • Arthur Ryman: N

Invited Guests

  • Pieter Humphrey: Y
  • Neil Hauge: Y
  • Tim deBoer: Y
  • Jess Garms: Y
  • Bob Goodman: Y


  • Dali Webinar

    February 20, 2007 at 8:00 am PST / 11:00 am EST / 4:00 pm GMT/UTC

    Unfortuntely, the webinar was cancelled due to technical difficulties. It will be rescheduled.

  • Select winners of offer of gift certificates

    "...a 100.00 gift certificate for your demo and / or short talk submission, drawn at random. One winner from each category will be chosen from the final list of accepted, WTP - related short talks / demos in the 'web development track'".

    	4009  Anatole Tartakovsky  Demo  Rapid Application Development of Rich Internet Applicatio...  
    	4014  Phil Berkland  Demo  JavaScript Development Tools  
    	4021  Neil Hauge  Demo  Dali Java Persistence API Tools Project  
    	4049  Max Rydahl Andersen  Demo  Hibernate Tools  
    3740 Kaloyan Raev Short Talk Provide Java EE 5 design time support via WTP 1.5 and Ecl... 4075 Raj Alagumalai Short Talk J2EZ - J2EE made easier with BEA Workshop 4099 Hari Shankar Short Talk Best Practices for Effective Job Support in WTP 4165 Jon Ferraiolo Short Talk Introducing OpenAjax Alliance

    David will perform the random drawing and send on results to Pieter.


  • Ready for Incubation reviews? Presentations to EMO?

    Incubation reviews to be submitted 2/21. Both are ready to go.

Release progress

  • 1.5.3 Release
  • M5 Near
  • Please review/improve our Ramp down Plan for Europa. Neil suggested modifications to rampdown. Proposed new wording:

    For M6, we plan to be functionally and API complete and the remaining Release Candidates are for (only) fixing bugs, or fixing release required items (such as version numbers, licensing, etc.). An exception to this general rule will exist for 1.0 level projects (JPA and JSF), where minor enhancements and other polish items will be allowed until RC1 (May 18th).

    Wording change approved. Neil will update Wiki.

  • 1.5.4 Release? Approx. May, 2007?

    Concern about time spent. Need to minimize impact to Europa. Nonetheless the value of a 1.5.4 release was accepted.

    Proposed: Do integration and smoke-testing less often. Tim deBoer to write up a proposal and send on to the PMC.

    All 1.5.4 bugs to be approved by the PMC. Currently expect 20-30 fixes.

  • 3.0 Release? June, 2008?

    Approved that the 2008 WTP release will be called "3.0". (It was felt there was enough new stuff to justify a full increment, but, obviously, we do no use this number to signify API breaking change ... that's still entirely within the plugin versions.

    FYI, the 2008 release train will be called Ganymede. So, any references to the general 2008 release of the Eclipse projects should be 'Ganymede'


  • Webinar today cancelled. Will be rescheduled
  • Fixed intermittent M5 bug that was affecting tests. Could now include Dali in build tests.
  • Eclipse has formally joined the JCP. The Dali project would like to have an Eclipse rep on JSR 220. Not clear how this should be done according to Eclipse rules. Neil to send .pdf the details of how Eclipse representatives should deal with standards bodies.


  • Smoke testing. Good so far; did discover a platform bug though.
  • Ready for M5 other than the aforementioned platform bug.


  • ATF now working on the Mac. Apple recently released a VM update that fixes a number of bugs, and allows ATF to work without manually patching the VM.
  • Working on merge with Eclipse 3.3.

PMC Leadership

  • Need to determine ownership of responsibilities, for PMC Lead items as well as others (e.g. requirements gathering).
  • Meet at EclipseCon; working breakfast one morning.
  • Usability came up as an issue. Jess to schedule BOF at EclipseCon.

Action Items

  • Neil and Raghu to produce and submit .pdf files for graduation review. Should be done 2/21.
  • Neil to contact developer community about dependencies to gauge impact of a package name change. Still pending.
  • Jess to schedule BOF at EclipseCon on usability.

PMC Calendar

  • 2/21 Materials to Community for Review
  • 2/28 Graduation Review
  • 3/5 EclipseCon 2007

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